Student Life

Rev. Finny Sabu

Greetings from the Dean of Students…!

The Office of the Dean of Students provides students with assistance and support throughout their matriculation at the Seminary. In collaboration with other offices and departments across campus, we are able to bring a range of expertise to effectively respond to individual student needs and challenges. We are committed to providing students with relevant resources, services and advice regarding their evolving academic, personal and social interests and goals.

The campus life of Faith Theological Seminary has its own peculiarities. The uniqueness is found in the amalgamation of various cultural and linguistic groups living together. The Dean of Students office is concerned with the life and activities of the students in the seminary campus. The office promotes an atmosphere wherein students can enhance the value of their experience by encouraging them to participate actively in the community. It also promotes student learning and engagement in personal transformation, whole-life worship, appreciation of cultural diversity and to create a sense of community life in campus. Generally hostel life  help the students to tolerate one another, to be conscious of time, make friends, learn to share things with others, obedience, respect others and vice versa, keep clean, manage space, be independent, adjust to situation, pray together and be disciplined etc. Therefore Dean’s office is committed to helping students spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically.

Living away from family for a specific period of time leaves some enduring experiences in the life of the students. In this new life style student learns to live independently, and learn how to compromise with the other students and roommates. It is a common perception that, hostel life has a unique impact on the pattern of students’ life. Living in the hostel makes students socially and behaviourally different.

There is a popular quotation “Times change people changes” it is best applicable for the hostel students. Hostel life going to change the way a student is, its effect on the personality behaviour, thinking, discipline and dressing as well. Social life experiences in hostel enable individuals to transfer the knowledge, experiences, and values to the personal abilities. These personal abilities are the sole of the individual personality. So the personality characteristics are shaped by the social exposure and individual’s ability of gaining knowledge of the external world.

The hostel has a well-spaced mess with a proper dining area with all facilities. The mess management system is very well structured with ordered organization of the management. The hostel mess is run by a mess committee consisting of five teachers and a manager. The mess is headed by a mess manager who is responsible for the overall management of the mess.

The Dean of Students and his associates experienced the joy of learning from one another through serving the student community during the 2016-17 academic year. The cooperation of all the committees is enormous which helped the office to carry out all the activities successfully.

And we are certain that God, who began the good work within us, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. God Bless you all