Spiritual Life

Dr. Mathew C. Vargheese Chaplain

The Chapel is a place where the Spiritual as well as personality formation of a student takes place. So the Chapel is the centre of the Seminary Life. We consider chapel and worship as one of the processes by which individuals become committed ministers. Through spiritual emphasis meetings, missionary chapel, morning devotions, evening devotions and Sunday worship we are attempting to achieve spiritual growth and enrichment.

Daily Activities

The day of a student in our seminary begins with the morning devotion held at 5:30 AM. Every day 7:25 PM to 8:00 PM we have evening devotion. The main chapel service is from 9:45 AM to 10:20 AM in all working days in which all staff and students participate.

Missionary Chapel

Every Wednesday there is Missionary Chapel Service from 9:20 AM to 10:30 AM. Missionaries from various parts of India and from around the world visit/ are invited for this purpose. They share their testimonies and their mission experiences in the missionary chapel and it gives a great challenge to our students for the missionary work.

Main Chapel Service

A team of seven students including two final year students under the leadership of a teacher is responsible for conducting a week’s chapel service. The sermons of the final year students are evaluated, with the aim of improving the quality of the sermon preached in the chapel.

Weekend Meetings

On Saturday from 8:00 AM we used to have special prayer meetings. The Sunday service led by the assigned students provides a platform for the ministerial opportunity for them. This service is bilingual in nature. We occasionally conduct Holy Communion, which are assisted by the students. This gives involvement and practical training for the students in conducting the communion service.

Beside the regular activities, we conduct community worship once in a semester in which Holy Communion is conducted and it is a meaningful time of fellowship among the community members.

Spiritual Emphasis Meetings

This year the first three days of the first semester were set apart as Spiritual Emphasis days. The servants of God who have rich missionary experience, ministered during those days. Apart from this every month we used to conduct spiritual Emphasis meetings.

Counseling Groups

To enhance the interpersonal relationship students are divided into counselling groups which have 10 students under a teacher. This strengthens the student teacher relationship. Every alternate Tuesday we have this fellowship wherein we spend time in interacting with the group to know their problems and giving suggestions for their well being.