M.Th – Old Testament Studies

Rev.Dr. K B Georgekutty  H.O.D – OT Studies

The spread of courses and allocation of credits over the areas has been designed to give a comprehensive understanding of the biblical witness along with the various issues pertaining to the understanding and interpretation of the biblical texts.

The designing of the courses aims at enabling the students:

  • To develop the skills for critical as well as perspectival reading and interpretation of the biblical texts, particularly from the perspective of the various contexts such as that of the poor, women, dalits, tribals, aboriginals and other marginalized groups and also that of ecological degradation, and the plurality of religions.
  • To develop critical awareness towards traditional as well as oppressive and discriminatory readings and interpretations of the biblical texts.
  • To identify and expound in particular the prophetic dimension of the biblical witness and theology.
  • To be able to integrate the concerns of the people as reflected in the different theological disciplines in reading and interpreting the biblical texts.
  • To develop proficiency in independent research in the particular biblical field of specialization.
  • To develop skills necessary for meeting specific needs such as teaching and Bible translation.

Course Requirements:

The candidate shall be required to take course work as follows:

  Course Requirements Credits
1. Three senate papers 12
2. Papers from different areas of OT 6
3. Old Testament Thematic Studies 6
4. Interdisciplinary Course 2
5. Course from other branches (NT) 2
6. Integrated Paper 2
7. Research Methodology 2
8. Study Methods 2
9. Method of Teaching 4
10. Thesis 12
                              Total                                                                                                    50 Credits

 Admission Requirements for M.Th. Old Testament

  • Any applicant who has completed 18 years of age but not exceeding 35 years can apply for admission. Admission committee has the discretion in giving a concession concerning the age.
  • Applicant must have a born again Christian experience with a definite call for full time ministry.  Morever, the candidate normally should have been a member and of good standing with a Church at least for two years.  Candidates for B.A. in Theology, B.D. and M.Th. courses must have a working knowledge in English.
  • Passed the BD Examination of Senate of Serampore College in Second Class with B Grade (57.5% and above and obtained B Grade (57.5% and above) average in the cluster in BD studies, including the optional papers and thesis, under which branch of candidate’s choice is clustered.
  • The candidate should have passed in at least two Hebrew courses at BD level (other than the preliminary and advanced courses) securing  a second class (57.5% and above) average.
  • Before a candidate is registered for the M.Th course, he/she should  have at least one year of practical experience in some field of Christian service after passing the BD or its equivalent theological degree. The women candidates are exempted from this rule.


  • Application form and the prospectus can be obtained either from the office of the Director of Admissions by paying Rs. 200/-
  • Online application form for M.Th Christian Theology Studies can be downloaded from the following link. M.Th – Old Testament studies  
  • Online applicants shall pay the amount of 200/- by DD (demand draft) in favour of Faith Theological Seminary, Manakala with the filled  application form