Certificate in Theology

This is a college offered two year course in Malayalam only for ladies to attain the basic biblical principles

  • To facilitate knowledge and skills in communicating the Bible in varied settings
  • To value a growing relationship with the triune God, others, and oneself
  • To develop skills to work in collaboration with others in ministry settings

Admission Requirements for the C.TH Degree

  • Any applicant who has completed 18 years of age but not exceeding 35 years can apply for admission. Admission committee has the discretion in giving a concession concerning the age.
  • Applicant must have a born again Christian experience with a definite call for full time ministry.  Moreover, the candidate normally should have been a member and of good standing with a Church at least for two years.  Candidates must have a working knowledge in English.
  • Applicants for the Certificate  in theology (G.Th.) course should have passed S.S.L.C. or its equivalent.


  • Application form and the prospectus can be obtained either from the office of the Director of Admissions by paying Rs. 200/-
  • Online application form for Bachelor of Divinity Studies can be downloaded from the following link. certificate in Theology studies  
  • Online applicants shall pay the amount of 200/- by DD (demand draft) in favour of Faith Theological Seminary, Manakala with the filled  application form