Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS)

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Dr. Ipe K. A. Director of Admissions and BCS

The Bachelor of Christian Studies is a four year distance education course from Serampore University.

  • Prerequisite: A Bachelors degree from a recognized university is required to qualify for admission into the BCS program.
  • Duration: This is a four year course of study.
  • Subjects: The student will be exposed to various subjects including Theology, Bible, History, and Social issues of our society.
  • Assignments: Each month, you are required to do an assignment for each subject. These are to be submitted by email.
  • Examinations: October/November of each year, at FTS, Manakala.
  • Classes: One week contact classes will be held at FTS on the week prior to the exams.
  • Study Guides: As soon as the fees are paid for each year, you will receive the Study Guides as a PDF file or as a printed copy if you come to the seminary office.
  • Fees: A one time payment per year is to be made to FTS.
  • Application: Download an application now. Click here.
  • Communication: The preferred mode of communication is by email –
  • Further Studies: After successful completion of the BCS course, you may apply for the Master of Christian Studies (MCS) also through Serampore University.
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  • To develop students who are personal and community centered
  • To equip students to become effective witnesses in their vocations
  • To equip students with various tools of interpretation so that they may read the Bible in the appropriate context
  • To impact students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a transforming power in their personal, ecclesial and societal lives
  • To enhance spiritual perceptions and commitment to serve the Lord in the Indian context

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Admission Requirements for BCS Studies (Distance Education)

This course is mainly meant for Christian men and women.  It is a four year degree program of theological studies under the Senate of Serampore College (University). Candidates at the time of admission to the B.C.S. degree course must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Completed 18 years of age but not exceeding 35 years. The admissions committee has the discretion in giving a concession concerning the age.
  • Persons with a born again Christian experience and a desire to be a witness while engaged in their profession.  Moreover, the candidate should have been a member and of good standing with a Church for at least two years. 
  • Must have earned a bachelors degree from a recognized University.
  • Candidates must have a working knowledge of English.


  • Download an application form now. BCS Application Form 
  • An application form can be obtained from the office of the Director of Admissions by paying Rs. 100/- as application fee.
  • Online applicants shall pay the amount of 100/- by DD (demand draft) in favor of Faith Theological Seminary, Manakala with the filled application form.
  • All application requirements are to be fulfilled by the last day of August of every academic year.  
  • For the current cost of BCS studies, please send an email to

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