Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS)

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Dr. Alexi George Director Admissions and BCS
  • The Programme is intended to develop students that are both personal and community centered.
  • To equip students to become effective witnesses in their varied and diversified Christian vocations.
  • To challenge students with various tools of interpretation so that they may read the Bible in the appropriate context.
  • To impact the students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a transforming power in their personal, ecclesial and societal lives.
  • To enhance the spiritual perceptions and commitment to serve the Lord in the Indian context.

Admission Requirement for BCS Studies (Distance Education)

This course is mainly meant for the Christian men and women.  It is a degree programme of theological studies under the Senate of Serampore College. A candidate at the time of admission to the B.C.S. degree course must satisfy the following conditions.

He/She shall be:

  • An applicant who has completed 18 years of age but not exceeding 35 years. Admission committee has the discretion in giving a concession concerning the age.
  • A person with a born again Christian experience with a definite call for full time ministry.  Moreover, the candidate normally should have been a member and of good standing with a Church at least for two years.  Candidates must have a working knowledge in English.
  • A candidate at the time of admission to the BCS degree course must satisfy one of the following conditions. He/She should be:

* A holder of the Bachelor Degree from a recognized Indian University, or its recognized equivalent degree. (he/she would be admitted into the second year of the degree programme).

* A holder of the B.Th. degree of the Senate of Serampore College.


  • Application form and the prospectus can be obtained either from the office of the Director of Admissions by paying Rs. 50/-
  • Online application form for Bachelor of Christian Studies can be downloaded from the following link. BCS Application Form 
  • Online applicants shall pay the amount of 50/- by DD (demand draft) in favour of Faith Theological Seminary, Manakala with the filled  application form
  • All application requirements are to be fulfilled by the month of August of every academic year.  

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