Admission Procedure


1. Application
The application form can be downloaded by clicking the link on this page.

2. Entrance Examination
The applicants for admission to the B.D. and B.A. in theology courses are required to pass an entrance examination which would check his/her aptitudes, knowledge of scripture and English.

For the G.Th./C.Th. course the entrance examination will be for knowledge of scripture, aptitude or regional language (Malayalam) and General knowledge. The candidates should pay the entrance examination fee Rs. 100 in the office before they appear for the examination.

3. Interview
Apart from the entrance examination, the applicant will have to appear before the Admission committee, for the interview. Those who are selected will be intimated from the office of the Director of admissions regarding his/her provisional admission.

Confirmation of Admission
The admission will be finalized, only after one year of orientation. Only those who satisfactorily complete the orientation period, securing a minimum of 50% marks (C+grade) will be admit to the B.D. course. Each year’s performance (Academic, Spiritual, Interpersonal relationship and Practical Ministry) will be considered for promotion and admission to the following year. Those who fail half of the subects during a given year will need to repeat that year.